Get your business off the ground.

We invest in Jamaican micro and small businesses at the seed stage, with not only money, but marketing, financial and operational advice.


How does this program work?

Jamaican people are some of the most industrious and full of ideas on the earth. But like anyone else, they need help to get their ideas off the ground.

Sometimes, the idea just needs the right advice to take off in the right direction.

We'll evaluate your idea and invest into your business for a share of the profits agreed upon.

You'll not only get some capital to get things started, but you'll also get marketing, financial and operational advice from our network of people who have years in Jamaican and International business.


Do I qualify?

We invest money (and time) in businesses with 3 qualities:

Must be already started
Your business must already be up and running.

Must already have customers
You should already have some customers that are buying your products or services on a regular basis.

Must have a good "why"
You need to have a strong reason why you need the money and can exactly explain how you will use it.